Monday, February 28, 2011

Parent Tries To Sell Their Body Parts On Craigslist To Pay For Children's Student Loans

This is just crazy. Boston News is reporting that a parent is offering to sell their body parts to pay off their children's student loan debt of $200,000. This ad was listed in the jobs wanted section of the Boston Craigslist. The ad has since been flagged for removal but I was able to find a screen shot of it. While small, it reads: 

"Use my body for anything legal or medically experimental. I AM VERY SERIOUS!!!!!
Simply pay off my children's student loans ($200,000) and you can use me anyway you need. I am 5'10" 200lbs and have all my organs in working order. Take my blood, take my plasma, drill into my brain, my leg, my arm. Tap my heart, my liver, my kidney. If you eliminate my children's student loans, I will give you my life! I SAY AGAIN, I AM VERY SERIOUS!"

Crazy! I can 't imagine what this family must have been going through for it to come to this!?


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